When to Call for Professional Termite Control

If you believe you may have termites, then it's crucial that you call for professional termite control immediately. 

Termites feed on wood of all kinds and therefore can become your worst enemy if they get inside your house. They will quietly cause thousands of dollars in damage, eating away at the vital structures in your home and making it unstable. 

Even if you're unsure if you've been infested, but you just want to have peace of mind, then it's best to call a professional who can inspect your home thoroughly. Termites are most likely to live and thrive in your basement, as moisture seeps into your home through the foundation and other wet areas. However, termites can spread easily, moving into your furniture, cabinets, the framing behind your walls and hardwood floors.

It doesn't matter whether you've just bought a new house, or you've lived in the same home for decades. Everyone is at risk of getting termites, so it's important to inspect your home regularly. Here's what to look for.

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5 signs you may need termite control

1) Mysterious sawdust-like material.

Have you spotted brown sawdust around a wood structure or piece of furniture in your home, but you're not sure how it got there? Chances are you need termite control right away  This sawdust-like material is actually feces that the termites leave behind after consuming wood.

2) Wood sounds hollow when you knock on it.

When inspecting your home for termites, take the time to knock on wood structures every few inches. Listen carefully to the sound. If you hit a spot that sounds mysteriously hollow, there's a good chance you may have a termite infestation inside. The surface may be perfectly smooth, but inside, termites could be eating away at the wood, making it structurally unsound.

3) Swarms of insects or discarded wings.

Winged drywood termites will swarm and then shed their wings, leaving small piles that look like small fish scales. If you spot any such piles of wings or insects themselves, then it's time to call a termite control company, because you probably have an infestation.

4) Mud-like, cylindrical tubes on outside walls.

Have you spotted odd tubes of dirt-like material on the outside of your house? These tubes are built from mud by termites to provide them with moisture as they look for food sources. Search around the outside of your home, particularly on the foundation, and if you spot tubes like this, then it's time to call a termite company.

5) Damaged or cracked paint on wood surfaces.

Check for cracks, discoloration or distorted paint on wood surfaces around the home's foundation, windows and siding. These tiny cracks could be a sign that termites are living inside, eating away at the wood. Have a termite control company inspect the wood for further evidence, and then be sure to seal all cracks as best as possible to help prevent future infestations from forming.

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Get in touch with your local termite control expert now

If you're worried you may have a termite problem, call the experts at Bee Safe Pest Control right away. 

We'll put you in contact with a highly skilled exterminator in your area who specializing in termite problems. From immediate remediation to future prevention, we'll address every aspect of the infestation to fix the problem and ensure your home is pest-free.

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