Rodent Control What to Know & When to Call a Professional

Hiring a professional rodent control specialist is strongly recommended whenever you have a problem with pests of any kind.

Rodents like mice, rats, squirrels and other common pests can be a serious nuisance when they invade your home or business. But even more than that, they can also be very dangerous and harmful to your health, as you'll see below.

Even if you are successful in trapping a single rodent yourself, in most cases you will not be able to solve the root problem without the help of a skilled and knowledgeable expert. The little critters will just keep coming back, over and over again, as they make your home THEIR home.

If you're frustrated, disgusted or simply aren't sure what to do, here are a few things to know as you prepare to call a professional.

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Important Rodent Control Tips

How to know if you have a rodent problem
If you're at the very early stages of determining if you need to call a rodent control company , then you may not be 100% sure if you have pests in your home or not. Here are some surefire ways to tell:
    • Droppings throughout your home: If you find small black droppings in your home, such as your basement, attic or kitchen, then you most certainly have rodents, likely mice.
    • Noises in walls, particularly at night: Are you hearing scratching and rustling noises at night, but you're not sure where they're coming from? Chances are you have rodents living in your walls, scrambling for food sources or possibly stockpiling food from outside.
    • Mysterious holes in food packaging: You guessed right. Those rips and tears in your bags of chips and cookies are likely from mice or other rodents who have gained access to your home.

Why they're a serious problem
Rodents pose a serious threat to homeowners for several reasons. Rodents are dirty they track bacteria throughout your home, on their feet and in the droppings they leave. The animals can also be rabid, causing an additionally critical health concern if you or your family members are bitten. Plus, rodents living in walls often chew on wires, causing electrical problems and fire risks.

The problem with store-bought traps
Ordinary mice traps and other pesticides found on store shelves can be highly ineffective. Even if you manage to kill one or two rodents, you won't solve the larger problem at hand. Plus, if the rodent dies within your walls, it will cause awful smells that could linger in your home for weeks.

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