Ant Control – How to Remove Ants from Your Home

Every year, millions of homes and businesses require ant control to get rid of hundreds of ants that have invaded their properties.

From spring to winter and beyond, ants can become more than just a nuisance as they search for food. The bacteria they carry (and leave behind in your kitchen and other areas) can be harmful to your health, and certain types of ants can cause a lot of structural damage to your home.

When ants first appear, most people will simply crush them, spray them with some insect repellent or leave a store-bought trap with the hopes of curbing the problem before it gets worse. Unfortunately, however, many types of ant problems aren't so simple to solve. 

If the ants keep coming back, day after day, then it's not simply because of a few crumbs left on the floor. Chances are you have an infestation. The good news is: a professional ant control expert can help you fix the problem right away and prevent them from coming back again in the future.

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Why professional ant control is important

An ant colony can be dangerous for many reasons, potentially causing harm to both your health and your wallet. Here's how:

How ants can be harmful

  • Contamination of food and areas of your home. Like most insects, ants can leave bacteria anywhere they roam. This can become a serious health concern if they enter your kitchen cabinets, pantry area and roam across your counters.
  • Structural damage. Carpenter ants pose the same risks as termites, as they burrow through wood, creating dozens of tunnels. These tunnels can seriously compromise the structural integrity of any building and force you to make costly repairs.
  • Bites. Some ants, such as “flying” black garden ants, common during the late summer, are known to bite when they come in contact with humans. Aside from the initial painful sensation, this can be particular problematic for those who experience allergic reactions to the bite.

How to avoid ant control

Although it's important to call an ant control professional to tackle your specific problem, there are a few simple things you can do to attempt to avoid attracting ants in the first place:

  • Keep food covered and put it away immediately after eating (that includes pet food too)
  • Clean up any spills, crumbs or other dropped food right away
  • Keep kitchen areas as clean as possible, using household cleaners frequently
  • Remove garbage frequently and keep outdoor trashcans covered and sealed
  • Seal any cracks or other open crevices where ants and other insects can enter

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Professional pest control in your area

If you have an ant problem in your home or business, contact the ant control experts at Bee Safe Pest Control.

We will put you in touch with a skilled exterminator in your area who specializes in the removal of ants and can provide you with year-round protection. A licensed technician will provide a custom-tailored plan for your specific situation, controlling the ant problem and helping to prevent future invasions.

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